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OneRendering Challenge : Top 100 Finalists...

Our entry "Cast(e) away" is selected among Top 100 Finalists in International OneRendering Challenge conducted by Architizer and Fiverr. The idea was to reflect the social issues prevaling in India for decades and centuries. One main issue was the caste systems and its cruelty which is still a major trauma to most of the Indians.

Cast(e) Away

The picture’s intention is to highlight the increasing caste inequity and bigotry that possess a lethal threat to Indian unity. Watching the dreadful stories of ostracized and honor killed inter-caste relationships has put many people into fear, agony and depression. Has the humanity failed to exist?

The scene portrays the current social misery where a loving inter-strata couple is stranded inside a holy shrine chiseled in the rocks, masking their faces out of horror and desolation to face the brutal society. The dull gloomy weather reflects the impelling societal burdens they are anxious about. Is there a way to overcome?

Yes, change starts with us and we don't require laws to make us realize that. That is how we change our mindsets and nurture coherent social living into our future generations. ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world‘- Mahatma Gandhi.

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