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Missing Picture is an emerging architectural visualization firm established in 2018, Chennai, India. Our works strongly resonate with our core ideology of ‘We love what we do’. As architects ourselves, it is in our game to fairly comprehend the project brief and closely work with designers, developing stunning narratives and story-telling visuals for both the built and the un-built architecture. 

Our trustworthiness, professional ethics, and flexibility to adapt to strenuous challenges have fetched us profound and multi-disciplinary clients and professionals, establishing a strong relationship over the years. Client satisfaction and a positive attitude have always driven us to push our boundaries in adapting to the new technological advancements and styles of narrative visuals that benefited our services to many firms and professionals across the globe.


Naveen Kumar

Naveen Kumar K | Co-Founder | Architect

An architecture graduate who is in the process of acquiring thorough skills in photo-realistic visual narratives and story-telling of the unbuilt. His internship in WeBe Design Lab, Chennai, mentorship of  Ar. Vignesh Sekar (STO.M.P Architects) and fellow colleagues has helped him constantly push the boundaries the way architecture is being represented. His love for architectural details and cultural background has driven him to experiment on unique narrative styles in the arch-viz industry. With his love for culinary skills, he aspires to articulate contemporary thought processes into Food Design with the architectural knowledge through relentless exploration and experimentation and thereby bring synergy between Food and Architecture.

Siva Kumar

Siva Kumar S | Co-Founder | Designer

An artist, architect, designer, sculptor, model maker who is trying to constantly experiment hands-on in wide fields both in art and architecture industry. His attention to details has helped him expertise in making digital models to utmost perfection. His internship in Uncut Design, Chennai and Nalapat Architects, Bangalore taught him artistic approach to architectural projects, work on large scale projects and skills in execution as well. His curiosity in art always motivates him to acquire new skills in modeling and animation that reflects in his digital artworks. Apart from art, he also likes to read and explore more about different businesses, strategies and agriculture related industries.

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